Timber! Mountain Bike Specific Trail Bell - Bolt On

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This NEW model is the same Timber! bell that is winning handlebar space all over the world, but with a flexible resin band and 5mm Allen bolt enabling a very secure fit, even on the narrower part of your handlebars. 


Use the Timber! Bolt-On if: You want your bell positioned on the narrower part of your handlebars around your brake levers. It will also fit anywhere on your handlebars (up to 31.8mm) with a 5mm Allen key. You're on the right product page for this one!


Use the Timber! Band-On if: You want the flexibility of location, like your stem, 35mm handlebars or any other purpose. The rubber band means switching it from bike-to-bike, is an absolute cinch! Not ideal for positioning near your brake levers...you want the 'Bolt-On' version for that. 


This original mountain bike bell is perfect for shared-use trails and single track where you're not so sure of what or who's around the next bend. They will hear you coming with this bell that can be switched 'on' and 'off' depending on what the trail calls for.

Solid brass bell has a crisp, clean sound. 


Every day, millions of mountain bike riders head out on the trails to do what they love. And while they're out there, enjoying the experience, they're also likely to encounter, other riders, walkers, horses, and wildlife.


Unfortunately, there's never really been an effective way for riders to pass and audibly communicate their presence to other trail users in a polite and non-aggressive manner. Until now.


The Timber! MTB bell lets off a polite, gentle 'ding-ding' as you ride along rough terrain. The sound is familiar to other trail users who hear you coming without you needing to manually 'sound' your bell (which if done at the wrong time can seem aggressive. When you don't want your Timber! bell to be 'singing', simply flick the lever which will instantly silence the bell. Perfect for enthusiast mountain bikers who want a highly functional bell without ruining the looks of their awesome mountain bike!

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