Timber! Mountain Bike Specific Trail Bell - Band On

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The original mountain bike bell in a sleek black finish. Solid brass bell has a crisp, clean sound. Quick release. Comes with separate o-rings to fit all handlebar sizes up to 35mm!


Every day, millions of mountain bike riders head out on the trails to do what they love. And while they're out there, enjoying the experience, they're also likely to encounter, other riders, walkers, horses, and wildlife.


Unfortunately, there's never really been an effective way for riders to pass and audibly communicate their presence to other trail users. Until now.


The Timber! MTB bell lets off a polite, gentle 'ding-ding' as you ride along rough terrain while not being too hyperactive. Other trail users here you coming without you needing to manually 'sound' your bell. When you don't want your Timber! bell to be 'singing', simply flick the lever which will instantly silence the bell. Perfect for enthusiast mountain bikers who want a highly functional bell without ruining the looks of their awesome mountain bike!

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