Frame Parts & Accessories

Terske Headless Self-Locking Bottle Cage Blanking Screws


The ultimate lightweight, no-profile frame boss filling and sealing solution.

A bit much?  Maybe, but at 3/4g apiece and sitting flush with the frame surface, there's no better way to fill any unused bottle or cargo bosses in your next build.  To keep them from working themselves in to or out of your frame, we added a nylon thread lock to keep each bolt exactly where it's put.

Precision machined from stainless steel, our blanking screws won't corrode in normal use.  The nylon thread lock won't dry out like liquid thread locking compounds do so retains its locking ability for 3-5 installations.

Please note: These screws look best in bosses that have threads to their outer face.  Riveted or other bosses with recessed threads still work great they just aren't quite as clean looking. 

8 blanking screws in each pack