Mullet Cycles

Introducing Mullet Cycles, redefining just how a Mountain Bike should be designed, ripping up the outdated safety bike format that has been the standard for too long, the future is now, the future is mixed wheels and it sports a Mullet.

Mullet definition "Business up front, party in the back", and that's the soul of what makes a Mullet a Mullet. The larger front wheel steers you exactly where you want to go whilst the back just wants to go wild, itching for you to throw the bike into another switchback descent and screaming at you to go faster, you think you have ridden fast before? switch on your Strava® and see for yourself, once you have a Mullet you will see the KOM's/QOM's come flooding in, skeptical? I can't say I blame you, I was the same too, all I can say is check out the reviews and if you get the chance take a test ride, I'll give you the equivalent of the Pepsi challenge and will be amazed if you don't beat your previous times and of course have a whale of a time on a Mullet Bike.

Here at Gone Biking Mad, we handle the import and distribution of Mullet Cycles in the UK, Bike Shops wanting to become a stockist are welcome to get in touch with us, but where a dealer is not close enough we can supply customers directly.  
Demo days are coming in 2020, plus when possible a one to one test session can be arranged if you are close enough, get in touch with us directly and we will do what we can to get you experiencing the Mullet magic.