The Weatherneck System

The Weatherneck System

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A Breathable, Breakaway Balaclava

Our unique magnetic design gives you the choice.

Too hot? Just rip off the face mask without stopping.

Too cold? Simply tighten up the mask for a snug feel.

Layering is rule #1 for cold weather comfort and The Weatherneck System is the only balaclava that lets you adjust to your environment while breathing easy.

One Size Fits All - Done Right

A unique interface of magnets in the face mask and metal sewn into the hat create an easily customizable fit for users of nearly all shapes and sizes.

Packed with Thoughtful Features

Not only does The Mullet Hat fully cover your ears and neck, but it also includes a secret pocket. Absolutely perfect for adding a hand-warmer on extremely cold days, or throw in your ID to increase safety on your runs.

Integrated Breathing and Ventilation

Most products on the market don't take into account that you will be ACTIVE in the outdoors and creating your own heat all while breathing pretty heavily. Our design was created to allow you to draw full breath IN & OUT, this feature greatly reduces fogging as well.

In addition, the mesh around your mouth and nose eliminates the very real feeling of being suffocated by wet, sweaty fabric when you're up against it.