Lindarets Arc Oil Slick Titanium Headset Spacer Kit


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Why choose one colour when you can ride the rainbow?

Lindarets' custom titanium headset spacers are anodized in an oil slick style gold-green-blue-purple fade.  The scalloped design saves weight (they weigh less than 0.5g per mm) and masks seams in stacks several spacers tall.

Sold in sets, our Ti-Dye spacers include one 5mm, one 10mm, and one 15mm spacer for a total of 30mm of amazing space.  Only the 10mm has a logo because -let's face it- we all have better things to do than trying to align multiple headset spacer logos.  Riding bikes, for example.


Height Qty Weight
5mm 1pc 2g
10mm 1pc 5g
15mm 1pc 7g
30mm Set 3pc 14g

 Finish: Oil Slick with Lindarets Logo