Pedal Bike (add-on item)

£68.00 £85.00

This is one of the lightest pedaling bicycles on the market – only 4.9 kg! Weighing as little as 25% of the child’s weight (assuming the young rider weighs 20 kg), it makes handling the bike especially easy.

The bike is equipped with a coaster brake, which requires little strength or skill – an important aspect for a fun first pedaling experience. For added safety, the bike has a durable belt instead of a steel chain.

The experienced engineers that designed the leg&go Pedal Bike calculated the ideal gain ratio (3,7), finding the perfect correlation between pedals, gears, and wheel rotation, giving your child the best and most enjoyable ride possible.

All parts of the Pedal Bike have been specifically designed for this variant instead of being repurposed from the standard set, making the bike width and the distance between the insides of the pedals especially narrow, allowing the child to pedal without splay.


Balance Bike 3-in- 1 is required for completing the assembly of any modification of leg&go.