Winter/4 Season TowWhee (One size fits all)


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Custom-tuned to hold up even in extremely cold conditions this simple & lightweight tow strap works great stand-alone with no accessories. Although its focus is on winter sports it will work great for summer activities also such as mountain biking. If you want a do it all TowWhee this is it! It contains a high stretch bungee cord inside an ultra-strong hollow webbing. It only weighs 5 oz. & has been designed to keep the strap from dangling to the ground while adding a very soft feel to the second user so there is never a harsh jerk at the end. At max length, it is 12'/144" and only 4.5'/54" relaxed. This will help you tackle larger adventures together with 2 people of differing fitness levels. Rated One Size Fits All for all users of any age, size or weight up to 500lbs. HIGHLY recommended is one of our attachment accessories to make connecting faster or using safer such as the Quick Loop, Quick Release, Belt, Chest Harness or Fast Stem Hook!

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