Frame Parts & Accessories

Terske Ultralight Frame Boss Pump Holders


You never really need a pump  

(Until you really need a pump)

That's right: if all else fails, a pump should be able to get you home.  Heck, nowadays there are even pumps with tool kits and storage space built into their handles, which makes them that much handier.

That's what these are for: holding a pump (or tent poles or a similarly-sized cylindrical object) to your frame.  The laser-sintered bases bolt to your frame bosses and the silicone-backed cinch strap holds your pump in place.  Because pumping beats hitchhiking every time. 


  • Laser-sintered nylon bases
  • 175mm silicone-backed cinch straps
  • M5 button-head stainless steel screws
  • 12g per pair


  • For Ø25-35mm pumps
  • Use blue thread locker on hardware
  • 4 Nm max torque
  • 400g max load per pair
  • Check pump and hardware tightness before each ride
  • Please use in pairs: single mounts will be prone to loosening over time.
  • Trim to length as needed and tame stray threads with a match or lighter.  Just keep in mind that less Velcro means less holding power and you should always retain at least 30mm of the hooked portion.