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  • TowWhee Bungee

    Have only used a couple of times so far, but it has really helped improve my daughters confidence when it comes to hills as she knows that if she is struggling or tired I can help her up.
    I have yet to really notice that it is even attached, the elastic nature really helps hide the weight, it's like she isn't actually there.

    Philip G

  • Nox Sox Large Pedal Covers.

    Great product, so simple yet so effective, won’t take my bike anywhere without them! 
    Top quality customer service from “gonebikingmad” and recieved the product with in less than 24 hours. 
    Highly recommend!

    Sam C

  • TowWhee Bungee

    Hi there. Just a quick note to say thanks for the TowWhee. Was inspired by the video & decided to try it out for my 7 year old. Previously she would manage one climb and descent of a local single track route. My wife & daughter, with the TowWhee, were able to do 3 loops.. She said the smile on our daughter's face was worth the cost for that one outing. A few weeks ago I used the TowWhee to help my daughter climb all the way up the single track at dalby forest, without mishap, to the top of the blue... I barely felt the extra weight as it just gave her a progressive boost rather than a fixed line... Thanks again & best of luck with supplying great innovative products. 

    Dave E

  • Miles Wide Industries - Fork Cork

    This is a fabulous little piece of kit that you never knew you needed until you buy it, wrapped in a ziplock bag I currently keep a Dynaplug kit and a Co2 cartridge in my steerer tube, the Fork Cork is very well made, a watertight fit, it hasn't moved one bit whilst I have been throwing my bike around Gisburn Forest, even James Bond would be proud to have this little gizmo.

    Gavin L

  • Miles Wide Industries - Sticky Fingers

    Found these from Seth's bike hacks, amazing little product, not just the extra assurance from the grippy feel but you really can modulate your braking better. Oh and use hairspray to lube them up when putting on. 

    Gordon H
    YouTube - Seth's Bike Hacks, 10 Bike Products Ranging from Terrible to Great

  • Miles Wide Industries - Sticky Pods

    This was primarily ordered as just a pouch to put my iPhone 8+ in, the specs added up so I ordered the large. It was great, you could fit all your saddle bag stuff in there plus the phone, and probably more. However, I didn’t read the dimensions when ordering and the capacity was far too much for what I required. I sent the email requesting I return and swap for a small, the next day I sent back the item, the day after, my small one arrived, with a small refund to cover the difference in cost. Incredible service!
    The small fits my phone perfectly, with room for spare stuff to. 
    It’s well made, simple and versatile, and good value. Add on the great customer service and you have a winning set up.
    Thank you, GBM, I’ll use you again.

    Christopher B

  • TowWhee Bungee

    It took me more than half year before I decided to buy TowWhee. I regret. I regret that I wasted more than 6mths. TowWhee is a fantastic tool. I am used to drive everything with my eBike if it is 5Km, 10Km of even more. Not sure why I still own a car. My kids like it too as after a long ride, there is always a lift home. Would I buy TowWhee again ? Definitely YES. As there is no online store in Germany, I went to a NORDIC page as well to a swiss page which seems not to support shipments to Germany. So I finally ordered it via What should I say. It simply worked. I got immediate response that the TowWhee was sent and finally after a couple of days, it arrived. Great tool, great service. 5 Star rating.

    Thomas M

  • Miles Wide Industries - Fork Cork

    Fantastic piece of kit. In the summer I try to go Enduro to save a sweaty backpack and this is where I will now store my missing link, presta cores and emergency cash. Inner tube and CO2 on frame and multi tool, levers and knife in mini saddle bag. 
    This winter it’s been great for keeping the mud out too making cleaning easier.

    Colin G

  • Miles Wide Industries Sticky Pod - Large

    Load up the large utility pack with spare tubes, CO2 cartridges, multi-tools, patch kits, ID, cash and cards and still have plenty of space left over for energy gels, chews and GU’s. The actual utility pack is lightweight and only adds a few grams to the total load. Added benefits are the tools and other stuff won’t poke you in the back, rip expensive jerseys or cause bodily harm in the event of an accident.

    John Gould
    Advntr review, Sticky Pod (Large)

  • Miles Wide Industries - EverClear Frame Protection Tape

    I have used several brands of tape on a number of bikes. This is the best to date. It sticks very securely & resists damage from cable rub, stones & chains.

    Jeff B

  • Nox Sox Pedal Covers

    Excellent product delivered very quickly. I bought these to protect the paintwork on my car when using a rear loaded carrier and they do exactly that.

    Paul M

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