MUUL Quickdraw Kit


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The MUUL Quickdraw Kit is a tubeless tire plug kit with a silicone handlebar mount that uses an integrated rare earth magnet designed to be the ultimate quick-draw solution to install a tubeless tire plug in less than 30 seconds! It's the perfect solution for anyone who hates digging through a hydration pack, fumbling with integrated storage containers, or wants to save every second possible when your race is on the line. 

The plug holder can be mounted on your handlebar with a 1 large tire plug or 1-2 small tire plugs preinstalled in the insertion tool and is held in place by a strong neodymium magnet for maximum security. As an added bonus, the plug mount can store a spare chain quick-link for easy access.


  • Quickdraw Magnetic Plug Mount w/ Quick Link Holder
  • Plugger Tool w/ Valve Core Remover
  • 5 Large Plugs
  • 5 Small Plugs
  • Mounting Strap


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