Prestaflator Pro Digital Bicycle Tire Inflator – Presta & Schrader Air Compressor Tool


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  • New Rapid Response™ Digital Gauge.
  • 255 max PSI with 1/10 PSI (0.1) Increments!
  • Also Perfect for Low-Pressure Readings!
  • Works as a Pressure Checker w/ 2way Head.
  • All the most popular Accessory heads included!


Inflate tires accurately in seconds!

The new Prestaflator Digital is made possible by our new Rapid Response™ Digital Gauge.  During inflation, the gauge is capable of showing immediate changes in pressure, enabling fast inflation – now with supreme accuracy. The gauge uses highly accurate, non-wearing circuitry for pressure readings, so it does not wear out or lose accuracy like traditional Dial gauges.  Highly accurate readings are across the whole range, making this tool excellent for Fat Tire, Cyclocross, MTB as well as Road Bikes.  Easy Tool-less replacement of the two CR2032 batteries (included).

Excellent Air Flow control.

The Prestaflator is designed with a long-throw trigger valve. Use a light squeeze or brief, rapid shots to gently inflate Bike tires to your desired pressure over a few seconds. A full squeeze on the trigger provides maximum pressure for seating tubeless tires. Designed for MTB & Road tires with a wide range of pressure requirements.

Quick-Click2™ Head for Tubeless & removable cores.

The Prestaflator Head includes a removable cap with our Quick-Click™ push/pull head. Quick-Click™ is the fastest and easiest Presta valve connection. Our original Quick-Click™ and our new Quick-Click2™ heads should be used with all Tubeless applications and any tubes with removable valve cores.


1way / 2way Presta Inflation Head inside.

Inside the Prestaflator head is our 1 way / 2-way Spin-on Presta design for inflating and deflating tires with traditional Presta valves. A few quick turns secures the head to the cap threads on the Presta valve and provides an air-tight seal. It has an internal sliding action. Push the hose towards the head to push the Presta valve air release button without removing the head. This allows the Prestaflator to take a tire pressure reading without being connected to an Air Compressor. It can also let air out of the tire by simultaneously pushing the hose and pressing the air release button on the side of the Prestaflator handle. When you inflate or take a pressure reading, the head automatically slides back away from the Presta button. This returns the Presta valve to its natural one-way operation. This means there’s absolutely NO pressure loss when you disconnect the head from the tire.

The best accessories are included to make it a multi-purpose tool:

Remove the cap to screw-on Prestaflator accessory heads quickly without tools.

Add optional accessories for even more functionality:


Prestaflator is designed to offer years of reliable service. The body has a ¼” male threaded adapter so you can install many types of connectors. It comes with the most commonly-used ¼” I/M Quick Coupler in the box and ready to install with no tape or glue needed.

The hose, trigger and pressure release mechanisms are all threaded and installed using #7 O-Rings. They can all be removed and serviced with a 14 mm wrench. We offer rebuild kits so you can service and maintain your Prestaflator anytime.

The Presta / Schrader heads and couplers are made of 6061-T6 Alloy. They’re as strong as Brass, but only 1/3 the weight. This is no place for plastic. Drop your hose on the concrete with plastic pump heads and they could break. The Presta head connects to your tire valve with our new improved easy-on easy-off “Urethane pump head gasket”. Replacements are available on our website or through any cycling supply source.

Prestaflator – The Original

Beware of fakes and cheap imitations sold by one-product sellers.  These are not real brands that can stand behind your product.    Prestacycle is the originator of the Prestaflator.  We are a full-line Bicycle tools company providing the Cycling industry globally with world-class tool designs.  Our R&D has created a proven design that we have consistently improved upon through years of experience.

Prestaflator is different… a high quality, serviceable tool… designed, built and warranted for use on Bicycles.


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