E-Bike/Adult TowWhee "CONNECT" (Adult/Standard Tune)


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The fastest & easiest TowWhee ever! Featuring a new sewn in ultra fast connection stem hook this TowWhee is sure to be a favourite! This simple & affordable version works with most mountain bikes with traditional bolt on stems.

Easy to use & lightweight TowWhee adventure tow bungees are designed to help tow anyone up even the biggest hills or mountains. The perfectly tuned bungee creates a wonderful soft floating feeling for both users & is the most fun and safe towing solution on the market! The safety sleeve prevents over stretching and it will not dangle or get caught in wheels.

The “Standard” tune bungee is optimized to float adults towed by adults either on an E-Bike or traditional bicycle, including their bike weight of 100-300lbs (45-135kg) but can tow up to 500 lbs. at an extremely low 5 oz. product weight. Relaxed it is only 4.6'/56" long but stretches out to an amazing 14.2'/170".

The instant connect stem hook cord keeps its memory for a firm hold on the back of the stem in technical terrain. A carabiner loop is sewn in for universal quick loop connections to any style of bicycle.

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