Terske 44mm Black Titanium Tubeless Valve Stems with Oil Slick Highlights


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One Gram Heavier.

Four times As Strong.

Why titanium for tubeless valve stems?  While we love the sort of upgrades that shave weight and add a bit of character to our builds, sometimes those upgrades come with downsides.  In the case of lightweight aluminium tubeless valve stems, that weight savings comes with a serious reduction in strength- as anyone who has snapped a valve stem while frantically pumping mid-race (or hanging their bike from a hook in the garage) will attest.

So we propose a compromise: give us back a gram and we'll give you a tubeless valve stem nearly four times as strong as the alternative.

But why stop there? 

Seeing as Ti is more expensive to source and slower to machine than aluminium, we wanted to keep our tubeless valve stems in service as long as possible.  So we made the parts that wear or which can be fouled by sealant easily replaceable- and their replacements readily available.  So while the cost more to begin with, as soon as you've replaced your first gasket you've come out ahead.  And let's be honest: the last thing anyone needs is another disposable product.

Anything else?

Well, there's our Bead Shed Technology- patent-pending geometry that helps to keep the tire bead from hanging up on the valve stem.  It's a small thing, one that you won't notice working, but it does make tire installation and seating easier.  After all: we just want to get you on your bike and riding as quickly as possible.

And finally, we moved obstructions from the valve stem body for an 86% larger thru-hole than standard and fewer places for the sealant to hide and congeal.

We want these tubeless valve stems to be as easy to install and maintain on as many tubeless wheels and tire setups as possible. 






5.0g per stem
5.3g with dust cap

6.25g per stem
6.5g with dust cap

Package Quantity

2 stems
(one bike worth)

2 stems
(one bike worth)


Is the whole tubeless valve stem titanium?

We actually use aluminium for the knurled nuts and dust cap because Ti was adding cost without adding value.  It also gave us the opportunity to offer highlights in colours that aren't readily achievable in Ti.  The replaceable valve cores are brass and the gaskets -of course- rubber.

How are tubeless valve stems measured- and which one will fit my rims?
Valve stems are generally measured from the end of the base to the end of the stem (not including the valve core).  Does that make sense?  No!  But it's how things are done (and we don't make the rules).  We've included a photo above for reference.  Now for the fun part: rim depth measurements go to the end of the bead hook so don't correlate directly to the valve stem length needed.  For example: on a 38mm deep rim the distance from the tire bed is usually closer to 30mm. 
Our 44mm valve stems are generally appropriate for double-wall rims with a nominal depth up to about 35mm- but unusually short bead hooks or deep centre channels can push things a couple of millimetres up or down from there.  Your best bet is to measure the distance between the centre channel of the rim and outer wall using the stick at the end of a set of callipers or by inserting and marking a straw, toothpick, or similar.  The nominal valve stem length should be at least 15mm greater than the dimension you come up with.
What is this Refresh Kit you speak of?

It's a spare set of valve cores (the assembly that actually closes off airflow) and gaskets (which create a seal between the valve stem and rim).  Because it never hurts to be prepared, these ship in sets of four.  We even include a small valve core removal tool, find them here.

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