Kids/Youth TowWhee Original V2.0 W/EZ Tab (Kids/Light Tune)


Less whining guaranteed! Designed to help tow kids up mountains this simple & lightweight bungee tow strap works great. Featuring our new EZ Tab to make removing easier and faster than ever It contains a high-stretch bungee cord inside an ultra-strong hollow webbing. It only weighs 5 oz. & has been designed to keep the strap from dangling to the ground/wheels while adding a very soft feel to the second rider so there is never a harsh jerk at the end. At max length it is 14.2'/170" and only 4.6'/56" relaxed. This will help you tackle larger rides together with younger or weaker riders. The bungee has a “Light” tune optimized for 50-150 lb (22-68kg) trailing riders to keep the perfect floating feeling but can tow up to 500 lbs.

HIGHLY recommended is one of our attachment accessories to make connecting faster or using safer such as the Quick Loop, Fast Stem Hook, or Quick Release!