Narwheel LTS Thru Axle Wheel Holder Twin Pack




The Narwheel LTS Thru Axle Wheel Holder was made to take advantage of the security and flexibility in van, truck, and trailer mounting systems to securely hold thru-axle bicycle wheels while in transit.

The Narwheel LTS is CNC machined from 6061 aluminium and features a stepped stub axle and wingnut that will accommodate several sizes of front and/or rear hubs (see compatibility list below).

Two pairs of holes, each spaced 3in (76mm) on centre, allow the use of either 3/8in (as commonly found on L-Track mounting studs) or 1/4in (T-track, 80/20 framing, or wall stud lag screw) hardware.

Please use your best judgement when mounting!  We can't control or evaluate the surface you choose to mount these to or the suitability of the hardware you select, so take care when mounting in vehicles or where a falling wheel might injure someone. 


  • Front:
    •  12 x 100mm (road standard) front hubs
    •  15 x 100mm (mountain standard) front hubs
    •  15 x 110mm (mountain Boost) front hubs
  • Rear:
    •  12x142mm (XC/Road standard) rear hubs
    •  12x148mm (Boost standard) rear hubs
    •  15x150mm (fatbike) front hubs
    •  12x157mm (Super Boost Plus) rear hubs
  • Mounting holes will accept 3/8in or 1/4in hardware. Mounting hardware and surface/anchor evaluation is the responsibility of the user.
  • Mounting hardware not included
  • For indoor use only.


  • Materials Required:
    •  Blue thread locker (Loctite 242 or equivalent)
    •  17mm open-end wrench or torque wrench with 17mm crow's foot
    •  Mounting hardware as appropriate
    •  Mounting anchors as appropriate
  • Apply a drop of thread locker to hex-end axle thread.
  • Hand-thread axle into the base plate
  • Use 17mm wrench to torque axle to base plate with a force of 8-10Nm.
  • Mount to track or other vertical surface using appropriate hardware and anchors
    •  Ceiling mounting is not recommended. Especially where the wheel or mount could fall and hurt someone.
    •  Take care to ensure that there is enough space to mount your largest anticipated wheel/tire combination to the mount.
  • Slide wheel hub over the axle and appropriate shoulder
  • Thread the nut onto the axle and hand-tighten to approximately 6-8 Nm (as tight as—but not tighter than—you'd install a thru-axle).
  • Re-check axle tightness every month or whenever play develops and re-tighten as needed.