Prestacycle Three Way “Y” Bits Tool


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  • Lifetime “Y” tool that uses Replaceable Bits!
  • Set up your tool for the job and go!
  • Reinforced Alloy Body with Stainless Shafts
  • Good weight and excellent ergonomic grip
  • Use our Round Bits Holder on any/all shafts


Three Way, Any Way!

Three-way tool using Prestacycle standard 1/4″ Hex bits allows you to use the tool to suit the job.  Replaceable bits means that if the tips wear out, you don’t throw away this tool like other Three way tools.  Just replace the bits.  There’s no plastic here.  Internal Reinforced structure underneath alloy body firmly holds the Stainless Steel shafts making this tool much stronger than other Three way tools.

The “Y-Not” tool

Why Not?  Why not put a Hex 5mm, Torx T25 and a PH1 in the tool?  If that’s what the job calls for, set your tool up that way.  Why not carry 6 bits on the Shaft?  Why not 12? Why not our full 18 bit set?  Our six-bit round shaft mount holders fit these shafts.  Use up to 3 holders to carry 18 bits anywhere you go.

Bits Not included

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