Prestaflator Micro – CO2 / Air Compressor / Pump System!


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  • For CO2, Pumping or Home Air Compressor
  • Prestaflator Micro Inflation Head
  • Prestacycle Co2Pump for CO2 Heads
  • Prestacycle Air Compressor Adapter
  • Co2 Inflation, or assemble as a 48 Gram Pump!
  • Precision Machined alloy components for long life
  • Co2Pump is for Presta ONLY.  Most CO2 Heads only work on Schrader valves with high Cartridge pressure.


CO2, Pump, Air Compressor – All-in-one Kit!

Prestaflator Micro is a superlight CO2 inflation head.  CO2Pump turns it into a pump.  Whether or not you use CO2, you will never run out of air.  Air Compressor adapter turns CO2 heads into a Prestaflator for home Air Compressor use.  Inflate any way with our complete kit!

The Cartridge is the flow control Knob

The best way to inflate CO2 is with a variable flow knob.  The bigger the knob, the better the flow control.  Prestacycle introduces its revolutionary design – the Cartridge is the Knob!  Save weight, size and complexity with our design.

Secure, no-loss connection.

Prestaflator Micro uses a threaded Presta / Schrader head.  Secure attachment with a perfect seal ensures you don’t loose any CO2.  100% of the cartridge contents will go towards inflation

Easy operation

You can install the cartridge first, or put the head on the valve first.  Prestaflator Micro works perfectly either way.  When you screw the cartridge onto the head – NO CO2 will flow.  There is no-loss from installing the cartridge.

To inflate, Slightly unscrew the cartridge, and inflation begins.  The more you unscrew, the faster it flows.  Works great – even for seating tubeless tires.  If you close the cartridge again, the flow stops completely.  If you leave the cartridge on, it will retain the contents for an extended period of time.

The ENDLESS spare CO2 Cartridge!

The Prestacycle Alloy CO2 pump is the end of CO2 range anxiety.  CO2 is great for fast, high-pressure fill-ups, however, when you’re out, you’re out of luck!  You can carry as many Cartridges as you think you need, now your last one can be endless.

Same space as a cartridge, but lighter.

CO2pump takes about the same space as a cartridge but weighs only 35 grams.  Unlike pumps, why waste space and weight to carry a pump head?  Your CO2 Head is already a pump head with a CO2pump.  Although small, CO2pump is engineered to service high pressure.  We designed a tiny pump with a compression ratio that enables you to reach 120psi without straining.  With our design, smaller simply means more strokes, not a lack of pressure.

Compatible with most brands of CO2 Heads*.

Got a favourite CO2 Head?  Already own one?  CO2pump works great with most Heads.  Simply attach the pump like a cartridge, open the valve and start pumping.  *If your Head is a push-to-inflate head, you will need to hold the “push” action open while pumping.

CO2pump is so much faster than walking.

No matter what goes wrong, inflation will not be the problem that keeps you flat.  CO2pump will get you back on the road.

Turn your CO2 Head into a Prestaflator!

CO2 Heads deliver high-pressure temporary inflation on the bike.  What about when you are home?  Why waste a Cartridge when you are standing next to your shop Air Compressor?  CO2 is temporary, it leaks from bike tires quickly.  Get home and use your CO2 head with your Air Compressor to replace the CO2 with real air.

Simple operation.

Screw your CO2 head onto our adapter.  Quick-connect to any I/M Industrial Mechanical Air compressor quick coupler (like the ones we sell), and use your CO2 head the same way as if a cartridge was connected.  The only difference is much MORE inflation before you run out!

Save the world

Save the world, one cartridge at a time.  Using your compressor saves a cartridge.