Prestaflator Mini Presta Head Gasket


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We offer two versions of the Presta Head Gasket that fit all current and past Prestaflator MINI push/pull Presta heads.  (see photo for heads that fit).  Urethane Includes ONE (1) Gasket, Quick-click2 includes two (2) Gaskets.


Grey Color.  Our newest version of the Presta Head Gasket uses Urethane Elastomer material.  It’s softer and does not shed material when installing and removing from sharp edges.  It is the best multi-purpose Gasket for our MINI heads.  It installs and removes easier than our rubber versions.

Quick-Click2™ Rubber

Black Color.  This Gasket is the strongest and longest lasting for tire inflation.  Its name comes from the fact that it gives a “Click” feeling as you push it onto the Presta Valve.  The “Click” tells you the head is installed to the right spot.  No need to push any further.  You are ready to inflate.  Please note rubber versions require more force to install on Presta valves when the core is removed.  Installing these on Threaded Presta shafts with the core removed can also cause premature wear to the Gasket.