Titanium Hardware Kit for Shimano Derailleurs


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Coordinating nicely with our Shimano Brake Lever Hardware Kits, Terske's 5-piece Titanium Hardware Kit replaces the stock pulley bolts, limit screws, and B limit screw in your Shimano rear derailleur with lighter (probably) and cooler (definitely) titanium bling.


Rear Derailleur part numbers are located on the back side of the rear derailleur.  To ensure broad compatibility the pieces from each kit are within 1mm of stock hardware lengths except where noted.  

Group Part No Pulley Bolts B Screw Top Limit Bottom Limit
All All Medium thread locker Shorter Screw Shorter Screw Longer Screw
XTR RD-M9120
XTR RD-M9100
XTR RD-M9000
XTR RD-M986 Circlip Omitted -2mm
XTR RD-M985 Circlip Omitted -2mm
XTR RD-M981 Circlip Omitted -2mm
XTR RD-M980 Circlip Omitted -2mm
XT RD-M8130
XT RD-M8120
XT RD-M8100
SLX RD-M7120
SLX RD-M7100
Deore RD-M6100 +1.5mm
Deore RD-M5130


Deore RD-M5100 +1.5mm


Limit screws limit derailleur travel at either end of the cassette.  Best case when improperly set is inaccessible top or bottom cogs.  Worst case is the chain dropping behind the cassette and tearing your derailleur off or chewing into your dropout.  Take care to ensure that limits are set properly before riding.  

Where lengths are noted as being shorter than stock please double- and triple-check settings before riding.  Dropout and hanger thickness varies and with them compatibility.

B Screw setting will have a real impact on shift quality.  

If you're not familiar with derailleur settings please take them to your local shop for adjustment.  If you're keen to learn, Park Tool has some great tutorials on derailleur adjustment and much, much more.

Titanium anodizing is an electrochemical process and no two parts will look exactly the same. We prioritize good bolt head appearance over the portions not visible once installed.


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