Corona Virus and how it has effected us

May 05, 2020

Corona Virus and how it has effected us

First off want to quickly say that we are all safe and well and I really hope you are also.

This Pandemic sure is something the likes of which we have never experienced or even believed could happen, Lockdown, social distancing, furloughed, words that are very familiar to us now but a couple of months ago we knew nothing about.

So whats changed for us at Gone Biking Mad? well, not all too much to be honest, we are now working from home to minimise travel but do pop to the office from time to time to pick up more stock and those little things you seldom use but suddenly need, I still pack orders and get them out on the same day of ordering if they come in by 3 pm, I then go directly to our Royal Mail sorting office to drop off, this makes sure that all orders go out same-day, after that, well, there have been delays that's for sure but by and large it's been very similar as before.

We have seen a spike in sales as more and more people are talking to cycling for their daily exercise, this has caused an increase in sales of products such as TowWhee bungees, Smoove chain lube and degreaser, Timber Bells, and Leg&go balance bikes, and as long as we can get stock we will continue to send orders on the same day.

Delivery time-UK: Royal Mail has done very well to keep post moving but they have had to make some changes to do so, less staff has meant that post can be slower than before, they can't guarantee the next day options any more, and you can expect to get your order a day or so longer than it was previously, they have also stopped Saturday deliveries of letters, so for orders that go as a large letter such as Nox Sox and Sticky Fingers if you order near the weekend you more than likely won't see your order till the following week. I hope you understand that I can do no more to make your order get to you faster and that Royal Mail are doing their absolute best in these very testing times.

Delivery time-Europe/Rest of the world: Much like the UK, Royal Mail is doing their very best to get the orders out your respective country, but some countries are struggling more than others, plus this is an ever-changing situation, we have been told by Royal Mail that orders that normally take 5-7 working days can take up to one month to arrive, I don't wish to scare you or say that's how long your order will take, but that's what happened in some countries, Germany seems to be fine as does most of Europe, Canada has been slower than normal so for my Canadean customers, please be patient.

Stock availability is the only problem we are having right now, TowWhee's have been selling super well worldwide as families are wanting to get out and exercise and so demand has outstripped supply, plus and slightly more worrying has been the lockdown of the companies in America responsible for the making of the TowWhee's, hopefully they will get on top of it soon but until then, if they run out then we run out, and it is what it is. If I'm out of stock please use the Notify Me feature on the product page and I'll email you when the stock comes in again.

If anyone wants to ask any questions please do so, I'm always on hand to answer any questions, any time of the day, as with this business mail order is a 24-hour business, we are never closed.

Happy riding guys, and please stay safe, only do short rides and nothing risky.



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