Tweedlove - Transcend bike festival

June 13, 2019

Tweedlove - Transcend bike festival

Last weekend we took a trip up to bonny Scotland to attend the Transcend bike event, because of the distance as we are in the south coast and that it was my wife's birthday around that time we made it into a holiday as well. We first stopped off at the Lake District before continuing up traveling around some lovely parts of Scotland including Loch Ness, I thought I saw Nessy but it turned out to be a log. 

Living the Dream, motorhome life in a lorry car park at motorway services.

We got around with a motorhome we had hired for the event, at first we thought it would be huge but once all our event equipment and stock inside it proved to be more of a challenge than we first anticipated, added to the issue was the fantastic review from "Seth's bike Hacks" on YouTube for our Nox Sox Pedal Covers put out just one day before we were heading out, sales went through the roof with loads going to America and Canada, no doubt seeing him using a pickup helped as they love their pickups over there.

So armed with a ton of stock and a fresh delivery of TowWhee's we dealt with orders on the road, much to the surprise of the little village post offices that had a look of shock with me walking in with 2 sacks of orders each day, I thought we handled that very well but it was a bit of a challenge to find a post office each day of traveling, Google Maps helped but we soon found out that a post office could be just a post box, not all that useful for bigger orders.

At Glenfinnan with Diane and Willow and a spot of rain.

Transcend was a great success with lots of sales and I really liked hearing from people that were already using products like our Nox Sox pedal covers and TowWhee bungees, given the family nature of the festival and with Frog Bikes letting the little uns ride around on their test tracks we got to show off TowWhee's to lots of parents who loved the product and the thought of happy children on future rides.

Our stand at Transcend.Our dog Willow, with a bone bought from the Post Office come pet food shop.

We did have the weather turn rather wet on Saturday and the mud caused us to panic slightly about getting the motorhome out of the field on Sunday eve with all our equipment and onto the Lake District 3 hours driving away so we took the decision the night before to park higher up on tarmac and carry all our stock and gear back rather than park close to our pitch and just sit there, wheels spinning long into the night.

So that was it, one more day in Keswick before the final push home and returning the motorhome on Tuesday afternoon. Speaking of the motorhome, it survived the near 2000 miles rather well apart from the drivers mirror that took a hit from a crazy van driver on a super tight b road with old stone walls to either side, luckily I managed to MacGyver it back together to give me some chance of seeing whos behind me.

Motorhome mirror that's taken a hit from a Transit van.

Next event was going to be the Malverns Classic, and with a one day break in between it's a bit tight to get everything done in time but we did, however just minutes before heading out this Thursday morning to get set up the event had to be canceled due to the weather, that was a massive shame as I was really looking forward to that. Let's hope that the same doesn't happen to Mountain Mayhem a week later.


Please check out the review from Seth on his YouTube channel, "link below", it's a great review because he genuinely likes them and uses the covers to keep his bikes from marking one another, people respect what he says as he is brutally honest, and if you haven't got your own set yet maybe it's time to invest in a pair or two.

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